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Our address:
Schochenmuhlestrasse 6
CH-6340 Baar
Tel: +41-44-771-2500
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“Your well-being depends on your own decisions.”
John D. Rockefeller (1839–1937)

Located in the very heart of Europe, Switzerland is known not only as a country with a first-class banking system, but as a world leader in healthcare, spa treatment, and recreation. As one of the most highly developed countries in the world with a quality of life that is unattainable in many countries, Switzerland offers five-star medical services in combination with top-notch comforts in its private clinics.
The main advantage of the Swiss healthcare system has less to do with the competitive prices for treatment and services than the unprecedented level of quality and professionalism. Swiss doctors guarantee their patients will be given a precise and correct diagnosis and receive proper treatment accordingly.
The company MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG offers its clients a wide range of top-level medical services. When you turn to MB GROUP, you gain all of the advantages of European comprehensive medical services combined with an individual approach.
Why Switzerland  Aesthetic Medicine  Birthing in Switzerland

Welcome to the world of top-tier
standards in European healthcare!

Why is Swiss treatment considered the very best?
According to recent studies, Switzerland is ranked number one in the world in terms of life expectancy. So what is the secret behind the much-envied longevity of Swiss residents?
There are two key factors here: the unrivaled pristine environmental conditions, and the highest level of medical care in Europe.
It’s no coincidence that patients travel here from all corners of the Earth to be examined and receive treatment. In most cases, Swiss specialists guarantee positive results.
Swiss medicine stands out due to the very high quality of the services provided. Without exception, all medical institutions use the absolute latest equipment, while highly-qualified, kind medical staff members are always ready to assist their patients.
Swiss clinics not only boast cutting-edge equipment, they also apply the latest treatment methods and technologies. Switzerland is the most advanced country in the world when it comes to scientific developments and innovations. The country is home to an enormous number of research institutes, which work non-stop conducting experiments and developing the latest treatment methods.
We understand that full confidentially (for any and all medical, financial, and personal information) is no small matter when it comes to medical treatment. MB GROUP guarantees full confidentiality. Because of this factor, we are trusted by public figures, including politicians, celebrities, and major businessmen.
Aesthetic medicine in Switzerland
Aesthetic medicine is a relatively new field of medicine that has already proven its worth. With their access to ultra-modern surgical equipment, top Swiss specialists perform all types of plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeries.
Today, plastic surgery holds a special niche in the field of medicine, and has reached new heights in Switzerland. An enormous number of aesthetic surgeries aimed at eliminating birth defects and other defects are performed regularly.
In Switzerland, patients undergo thorough diagnostic examination prior to having any plastic surgeries in order to issue a statement in support of the surgical procedure.
The latest treatment methods, the highest level of professionalism among doctors, the attentiveness of medical staff, and first-class service are combined to give you an unforgettable level of comfort.
Birthing in Switzerland
More and more women from countries all over the world prefer to give birth in Swiss clinics. Thanks to the latest technologies and treatment methods, women can fully enjoy first-class medical services while feeling safe and comfortable.
Modern preparation and the very highest responsibility of medical professionals in the best Swiss clinics will help you achieve the easy, uncomplicated birth you want. Medical specialists in Switzerland strive to minimize medical interference and allow births to take place as naturally as possible. This also contributes to the good health of the mother and child.
As a rule, private clinics are located in the most picturesque places in Switzerland, combining advanced treatment methods and technologies with the region’s unmatched microclimate, sunny weather, the crystal clear air of the Alps and the country’s calm, unhurried lifestyle.
Expectant mothers come here to feel secure and calm. Here, you can fully trust the medical professionals and enjoy the beauty of the Alpine countryside.

At MB GROUP, we will be happy to work with you at your convenience to determine a diagnostic and treatment program for any ailments at the best medical centers and clinics, and with the most well-known private doctors in Switzerland.
In addition to arranging comprehensive medical services, we can also help you with all of the related administrative issues, such as visa support and travel arrangements, transportation within the country, accommodation, and translation and interpreting services, to name a few.
The company MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG is your guide to the world of top-notch standards in European healthcare.

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