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Our address:
Schochenmuhlestrasse 6
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Tel: +41-61-505-0001
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How to protect your assets under
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“Well, I do not know as I want a lawyer to tell me what
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Any monies and assets that you have earned during your lifetime you obviously want to see protected from hostile takeover, creditors’ groundless claims and bankruptcy proceedings (MB GROUP: naturally, without making any attempts to cheat creditors, and in the absence of a fraudulent conveyance!).
In addition, due to economical and political instability in your country of residence, you may wish to protect your assets by keeping them under Swiss jurisdiction!
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We can help you protect your assets in Switzerland

Switzerland remains today what it has always been – the premier financial destination for international investments. This is why many of our clients consider Switzerland as a key element in their overall investment strategy, and why they are interested in trading and consulting companies, family foundations, international trusts and personal holding structures, enabling them to keep a portion of their assets “live” in Switzerland.
What is asset protection
Asset protection is defined as pre-litigation planning to deter lawsuits and promote settlements. The primary goal of asset protection is to bring closure to potential litigation with as little disruption to your business and with as little loss of your wealth as possible.
Why to invest in family foundation in Switzerland
By creating a family foundation you can place your assets outside your estate, outside the reach of creditors, judgments, malpractice and divorce, thus making the assets much less vulnerable. At the same time, once created properly, such a structure enables to retain a full control over the assets.
A family foundation (Stiftung) is a separate legal entity, privately funded by you by dedicating funds and assets (real estate, legal entities, etc.) for a specific purpose, for instance:
- contributing to a charitable cause;
- organizing insurance and pension plans for your family members;
- providing continuing employment and activity for your family members;
- identifying and preserving your family name for years to come.
It is most common in Switzerland to organize pension funds and other welfare schemes of corporations in the form of the foundation. In accordance with Swiss law, this specific type of foundations is exempt from taxation.
Why to invest in trust
A trust, widely used in the countries with an Anglo-Saxon law concept, is flexible and the most effective instrument for tax planning, asset protection and their conveyance by inheritance. Once included in the asset protection structure, in combination with other instruments of the continental law, applied in Switzerland, it provides full control over property and anonymity of owners and beneficiaries.
In general, the trust’s goal is to receive profit or perform other instructions of the settlor. According to the trust deed, the settlor transfers the assets (shares, real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual and hedge fund interests, etc.) he owns, to the trustee. Subject to the conditions determined by the settlor, the trustee is required to manage these assets in behalf of the beneficiary. The settlor can appoint himself and/or other parties as the beneficiary. The beneficiaries receive the profit from trust assets according to trust deed conditions. The trustee earns the reward only, but has no right to receive the profit from the assets used.
Why to invest in holding structure in Switzerland
As being an owner of Swiss holding company, you in person are not a bank client, and, respectively you are out of battles between foreign governments and Swiss banks.
For the purpose of asset protection, we at MB GROUP assist you in setting up a Swiss holding company, while you contribute your money and assets (those which can be valued, i.e. investment portfolios, shares, precious metals and stones, real estate, etc.) in the company’s capital.
Once contributed, all these assets, as before, may be controlled and managed by you, as being the owner and managing director of a Swiss holding company; at the same time, the assets are held in the name of a Swiss holding company (i.e. separate legal entity) and therefore, are free from any claims directed against you in person.

By using our knowledge of Swiss and international business law, we develop family foundations, trusts and international holding structures to protect the anonymity of our clients, thus preventing illegal attempts depriving of their property and unlawful actions against our clients and their families.
We at MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG welcome the opportunity to explore with you the world of Swiss financial security and protection of your assets from creditors and bankruptcy. MB GROUP will protect you from unexpected and unnecessary trouble.

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