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Our address:
Schochenmuhlestrasse 6
CH-6340 Baar
Tel: +41-61-505-0001
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As a general rule, the freedom of trade and industry, guaranteed by the Swiss constitution, allows everyone, including foreign nationals, to set up a new legal entity or purchase existing one, and run it, either directly or by handing over to professionals like MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG, for fiduciary management.
Formation of Swiss legal entity opens access to the EU markets, and, apart from other advantages, it enables to avoid risks related to the control of regulatory authorities of EU: rummages, seizure of documentation, arrest of bank accounts and other assets in EU countries.
New turnkey Company  Shelf Company  Enter EU market

We can help you register a new company in Switzerland

This could be a trading company, to perform import/export operations, or a company-holder of your trademark, or a holding company, owning your enterprises in different countries.
This could be an assembly factory, to position your products as “Made in Switzerland”, or a corporate account in Swiss bank for international payments.
This could be a company in the field of services (healthcare and recreation, education, etc.).
The most widespread types of company in Switzerland:
Limited liability company (German abbreviation GmbH)
Joint stock company or corporation (German abbreviation AG)
Limited liability company is a legal entity, in which one or more persons or companies come together in a new company. The company’s liability is limited to the amount of the registered capital that must be at least 20,000 Swiss francs.
The names of the founders of the company in the form of GmbH are published in the press and the Internet that is not always desirable.
GmbH company – CHF 2,500

Joint stock company or corporation is the most widespread type of company in Switzerland. 100,000 Swiss francs of registered capital, of which 50,000 francs must be deposited at the moment of incorporation, required. The main advantage of a corporation compared to a limited liability company is the anonymity of its shareholders.
AG company – CHF 2,950

Take a turnkey solution in Switzerland (at 15% discount):
- registration formalities and third party costs
- corporate account in Swiss bank
- one-year support services (registered office,
  day-to-day maintenance, Swiss director)


We can help you purchase a Swiss ready-made shelf company

We at MB GROUP pre-create companies and put them on the “shelf”, ready for immediate sale. Such ready-made shelf companies have never been used before, i.e. have had no activity.
Those wanting to create a company fast, or who would prefer to have an aged company rather than a new one, can buy one of these off-the-shelf companies quickly and easily. All that is required, is to transfer the shelf company’s shares to the buyer. The shelf company name and/or objectives can be changed / modified by the buyer at the moment of transfer, if required so.
Our ready-made companies are free of debts, have fully operational bank account at one of leading Swiss banks, and are registered with Swiss tax authority, social security and statistics.
Shelf company in Switzerland – starting at CHF 19,950
Shelf Company AG – ORDER NOW


We can help you enter EU markets

Although Switzerland is not a member of EU, Swiss companies use a wide scope of economic rights in EU countries. There is a free trade zone between Switzerland and EU in all fields, except for agriculture and food production. Products from 31 EU countries and EFTA (the EFTA members are Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Iceland) circulate on the market of nearly 500 mln. consumers, without limitations and customs barriers.
This is exceedingly profitable for non-European entrepreneurs as far as, once incorporated in Switzerland, their legal entities may have a free access to EU market. In other words, thanks to numerous agreements, which reduce market barriers, Swiss legal entities controlled by non-European entrepreneurs, can work on the EU domestic market on equal conditions with European companies.
Another advantage: not all members of WTO can benefit from the WTO Multilateral Government Procurement Agreement (while Switzerland and EU countries do benefit).
In accordance with this Agreement, the transparency and freedom of competition is guaranteed on government procurement of goods, services and construction work, by announcing international tenders, when the procurement exceeds a certain sum. Taking into consideration the high level of expenses in the EU budget sector, entering this market creates new chances for export to Europe through Swiss legal entities.

MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG is ready to assist you settle down in Switzerland and benefit from its business-friendly tax regulation. We provide personalized assistance in registration with the Swiss tax authority and obtaining a number of tax exemptions in Switzerland. These exemptions can reduce the already moderate tax burden in Switzerland to extremely attractive levels.
Once incorporated, we at MB GROUP are also ready to provide to your Swiss company full maintenance and administrative support:
 - business-driven legal consultancy for your company
 - consulting in the field of taxes, banking and investment
 - legal address, virtual office and secretarial services
 - bookkeeping and fiduciary services in Switzerland
 - assistance with residence permits for you and your family

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