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Nowadays, there are many websites, which claim they can register a Swiss company for you at a low price, and even online. While the others promise you to open a private account in Swiss bank, without visiting Switzerland in person.
How is it possible? These websites are mostly run by companies or individuals, who are not even located in Switzerland. Sometimes these companies or individuals have postal boxes in Switzerland, but nothing else. Please be aware that this kind of companies can do nothing for you, rather than to lay hold on your money.
So, how do you know if you are dealing with a real Swiss company, proficient in company formation and able to assist you? Our advice is to follow some simple steps.

Three steps to follow

1. The company must be registered in Switzerland in the official Central Business Names Index (Commercial Register / ZEFIX). If you can’t find the name of the company in this index, it simply means that you are not dealing with a real Swiss company. No exception.
2. The company running a Swiss website, must have a valid address in Switzerland. PO Box numbers should not be considered as a valid address. All companies in Switzerland must have a street address. No exception.
3. Then, you should ask yourself “Who is the owner of this website?”. There are many online sources, which can provide you this kind of information called WHOIS, like www.whois.net or www.networksolutions.com, for example. For “.ch” domains, check the WHOIS information, provided by Switch (the official registrar for “.ch” domains).
If you can’t see, who the owner of a website is because of a so-called “private registration”, then you should ask yourself, why the owner of the website does not want you to see, who he is and where he is located. But we are sure you already know the answer.

Issues of time and cost

To incorporate a company in Switzerland, one has to go through a certain procedure, which involves various third parties: Swiss bank, Notary Public, Commercial Registry Office, etc. Please be aware that it is physically impossible to form a company in 3-5 days. No exception.
As to the issue of costs involved, be afraid of hidden cost. When comparing different offers, keep in mind that our incorporation fee includes payments to third parties (Notary, Commercial Registry Office) and for opening a corporate bank account, while other offers – not always.
Rely on Michael Baer: with many years of experience in this area, he will help you organize your business activities and relocation to Switzerland in real time and at reasonable cost.

Be aware of unprofessional dishonest intermediaries that promise you a Swiss company at a low price... and quickly!
Don’t trust citizens of third countries, who promise you credit line in a reputable Swiss bank... for commission fee that has to be paid in advance and in cash!

Better ask Michael Baer

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