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How to protect your assets
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“Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809–1894)

A trust is a legal arrangement, by which a person (the “settlor”) transfers the legal ownership of specific assets to another person (the “trustee”), who is required by the terms of the arrangement to hold those assets (the “trust fund”) for the benefit of other persons (the “beneficiaries”).
Due to the flexibility of trusts, they can be used for a diverse range of tasks. Trusts are primarily used to facilitate succession planning, tax planning and asset protection.
Trusts in Switzerland became more popular since 2007, when The Hague Convention about trusts was affirmed by the Swiss government.

We can help you obtain a vintage trust in Switzerland

Many of our wealthy clients prefer to save their assets, including cash, securities, real estate, etc., under the trust umbrella in Switzerland – the country with a stable financial situation, which has a clear and friendly legislation and taxation.
A trust founder (the “settlor”) stays anonymous, as the constituent documents have no data of the founder; all assets which a founder passes into the trust possession become the trust assets, and a founder cannot be liable by them.
Trusts also provide for protecting wealth from the financial ravages of divorce, which has long been a key concern of affluent families; by the creative use of trusts, the assets a spouse has earned before the marriage, can be effective sheltered.
In addition, a Swiss trust is the perfect financial vehicle for a variety of activities. The following non-exhaustive list of things a Swiss trust company can do, should give some idea about its modern-day uses:
To safeguard and administer assets for beneficiaries, who lack the capacity
    to do so themselves
To provide continuity of ownership and stability for future generations, as
    the trusts are effective tax and succession vehicles
To protect and preserve assets for beneficiaries regardless of the future
    circumstances, in which the settlor may find himself;
    assets that are held in a Swiss trust are well protected from an attack by
    creditors against the settlor and/or beneficiaries of the trust
To cater for unforeseen circumstances, due to their flexibility, and provide
    confidentiality, as being secure legal structures for holding assets
Functioning as a holding entity for banks, insurance companies, funds,
    trading companies, and other businesses
As a general rule, Swiss trusts are not subject to taxation, if at the moment of their constitution the settlor is domiciled outside of Switzerland. In all cases, Swiss trusts are exempt from any taxation if the settlor and the beneficiaries are not resident in Switzerland. This means that:
1. Endowments to the trust and distributions out of the trust to beneficiaries
    are free from any taxation.
2. The Swiss trust does not pay any taxes arising from trust income.
This makes Swiss trust the ideal solution for minimizing the tax burden of high value transactions, as well as for accepting, keeping, and managing the funds of third parties.

As a result of its structure, a vintage Swiss trust protects your anonymity and allows you to carry out business operations with full discretion. Neither your competitors / creditors, nor government authorities will ever know the exact type and amount of assets held by the Swiss trust.

Want to protect your wealth through
a trust arrangement in Switzerland?

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