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“Children are our most valuable resource.”
Herbert Hoover (1874–1964)

Nearly 1 million of Switzerland’s 8 million residents are students. Swiss public schools, private boarding schools for children, hotel management schools, and higher education institutions (polytechnics, colleges, and universities) are among the best in the world. Here, one can receive quality European education in any of the country’s official languages (French, German, or Italian) or in English.

We can help your children to study in Switzerland

The peaceful setting and security in Switzerland create the ideal atmosphere for Swiss education, which is valued around the world for its high quality and thoroughness. A large number of foreign nationals are educated in Switzerland – the country that is home to the world’s very first international schools and universities. This is where the first international educational programs, such as the International Baccalaureate, were instituted. These programs are currently recognized and applied in other countries.
Switzerland is a melting pot of different languages and cultures. That is why education in Switzerland is something more than just going to school. Even short courses and training in this country give students invaluable experience and immersion in the languages, traditions, and worldviews of a wide range of representatives of Western Europe.
Switzerland attracts students with its rich selection and flexibility of educational programs. Almost all Swiss educational institutions have several divisions that focus on different national programs, such as Anglo-American, French, German, Italian, and Swiss departments.
Another unique feature of education in Switzerland is the alignment of appearances with substance. For example, the great facades of English schools often hide very humble, austere living conditions. By contrast, Switzerland is full of comforts.
The high quality of life and convenience supporting the educational process tends to be a pleasant surprise for children who come here to study. Students either have their own rooms or live with a roommate. They are also provided with a variety of delicious foods – one factor that positively distinguishes European continental education from English schooling conditions. All boarding schools give students the option of choosing traditional or vegetarian dishes. Quite often, students’ culinary cravings are satisfied and also meet the requirements of their respective faiths – specifically when it comes to halal and kosher foods.
All of Switzerland’s private schools are located on enormous, privately-owned lands with picturesque surroundings, usually with a lake or similar view. They are very comparable to health resorts or luxury children’s health centers, and they don’t initially give the impression of a standard school as we know it.
The relatively high financial well-being of the country’s residents helps support unrivaled levels of education at Swiss private schools. Most are located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, where there are nearly three times as many private schools as in the German-speaking areas, and almost 20 times more than in the Italian areas.
The French part of Switzerland is the area with the greatest variety of educational institutions: language centers, private schools, colleges, institutes, and universities, making this area the most popular among foreign students. The French area of Switzerland is distinguished by its special charm and ease, while the German part is characterized as very business-oriented and strict.

Children’s education in Switzerland can be started at any level, regardless of the child’s age or level of education (primary, secondary, or higher education). At MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG, we will help you select the program that best suits your child.

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