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Set of documents 'Real
estate in Switzerland'

Real estate property and
permanent residence in Switzerland

Investment in
Real Estate
“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away.
Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with
reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)

At the level of the Swiss federal government, there are no inheritance taxes, and no gift taxes. These taxes are regulated by each Swiss Canton and, as a rule, they are significantly lower than in neighboring countries. Furthermore, in many Cantons, there are no taxes on inheritances between spouses or between parents and their children.
These conditions are a perfect fit for the tasks set before the Family Office, when it comes to managing family property and inheriting family assets.

We can help you buy residential property in Switzerland

It is well known that Swiss law sets out strict restrictions on the purchase of real estate by foreign nationals. A foreigner who wishes to purchase a house or apartment in Switzerland, must hold permanent resident status in the country. This can be difficult to obtain without professional assistance.
If a foreign national has a Swiss residence permit, then he may purchase real estate to be used as a permanent residence for himself or his family. As a rule, the Swiss authorities will grant permanent resident status to a foreign national, who has invested in setting up his own business, where he will work.
In addition, there are other options to purchase Swiss real estate, for instance on the name of Swiss company.
We are ready to provide you with a comprehensive solution for relocating to Switzerland within a reasonable timeframe:
we can elaborate a business plan that will meet legal requirements
we can prepare the set of documents needed to obtain permanent
    resident status
we can speak with the local authorities on your behalf with regard to
    the residency status for you and your family members in connection
    with your business plan
Next, we provide you with complete and extensive information about all of the aspects of purchasing real estate in Switzerland. We will provide legal assistance for the property purchasing process, while working in close contact with construction companies, house owners, local banks, and highly qualified lawyers.
Unlike the typical Swiss realtors, who are focused primarily on making sales for their clients (rather than focusing on the needs of the buyer!), MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG offers customized luxury property search services to meet your specific needs (whether you want an apartment in a prestigious neighborhood, a private home in the suburbs, or a villa with a lake view).

Count on MB GROUP to arrange your relocation to Switzerland and purchase of luxury property. Our services will help you adapt to Switzerland relatively quickly and painlessly, making your life here pleasant and comfortable.

Want to acquire residential
property in Switzerland?

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