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“Michael, I just wanted to take a few seconds out of my crazy,
busy day to let you know how much I appreciate your assistance.
I also appreciate your courtesy and prompt personal touch.”
V. Kuzmich, Managing Director IBS International
Business Systems Group AG, Zurich

Michael Baer became successful because he was better and faster at finding the right answer to people’s needs.
As he stays a step ahead of the competition and keeps looking towards the future, the following three core principles guide his actions.

Focus on the client and all else will follow

Michael Baer is focused on providing the best client experience possible. Whether he is designing an international chain of companies for asset protection or a tax optimization structure for your family, he takes great care to ensure that his solutions will ultimately serve you – his client, – rather than his own goal or bottom line.

It’s best to do one thing really well

With his tremendous knowledge in business, finances and law, Michael Baer always knows what to do and how he could do it better. Throughout the years, he has been able to solve complex issues and provide continuous support to wealthy individuals and their families.

Fast is better than slow

Michael Baer knows that your time is valuable, so when you are seeking an answer, you want it right away – and he aims to please. By recognizing and accepting that change never ceases, he always demonstrates responsiveness and flexibility in solving his clients’ problems. And he continues to work on making it all go even faster and more efficient.

Please go through our resources to learn about Michael Baer’s solutions in the field of optimization of the family’s taxes, and arrangement for the smooth transfer of inherited property.

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