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Family Office in Switzerland
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“It requires a great deal of boldness and a great
deal of caution to make a great fortune, and when you
have got it, it takes ten times as much wit to keep it.”
Nathan Rothschild (1777–1836)

The most effective approach for a family of significant wealth to preserve and enhance its capital through the generations is by the creation of a properly functioning Family Office (also known as a Family Trust, or a Family Foundation).
The staff of MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG’s Family Office are experts in the legal and tax fields. They help to promptly resolve any and all issues concerning the management of the family business, optimize the family’s taxes, and arrange for the smooth transfer of inherited property.

We can help you create an efficient Family Office in Switzerland

Today’s world is shaping its own quality standards, and its own philosophy and values. Our clients run their businesses in a dynamic world that is constantly changing, a world in which it is not uncommon to have to consult regularly with lawyers, tax experts, financial advisors, notary publics, and real estate agents.
Our efficient Family Office helps make the lives of our clients easier and more convenient, and keeps family businesses well-managed and profitable.
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Five reasons for a wealthy family to turn to a Family Office

Family’s financial assets grow to a level that requires full time professional
Time required by family members to manage family’s assets is detracting
    from effective running of the business, and the business is at risk of
Family members want to separate management of their personal financial
    assets from those of the business for purposes of confidentiality
Expertise of founding patriarch is no longer available for some reasons;
    next generation not willing of taking on family capital management
Various needs of growing number of family members, requiring
    increasingly diverse management solutions, can no longer be effectively
    met by family’s existing resources

By taking advantage of MB GROUP’s Family Office services, you can not only safeguard your family capital, you can also make sure that it works and generates income for you and your family members. Our services will make your life easier and more convenient.

Need a Family Office in Switzerland?

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