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“Real estate is at the core of almost every business,
and it’s certainly at the core of most people’s wealth.”
Donald Trump, Think Like a Billionaire

Commercial real estate is exempt from Switzerland’s restrictions on the purchase of real estate by foreign nationals. Foreign investors may purchase as many properties as they wish of practically any size. Furthermore, they are not obligated to obtain any permission from government offices in order to do so. Foreigners may sell their commercial real estate whenever it is convenient without any restrictions, no matter how long they have owned it.
On the other hand, investment in such objects like commercial and office buildings, hotels and parking space is always popular on the Swiss market and bring investors stable yields (return on investment).

We can help you purchase commercial real estate in Switzerland

Commercial real estate in Switzerland is attractive primarily as a reliable means of capitalizing ones assets (inflation is maintained at 1-2% nationwide, while net revenue from leasing properties can reach 8-10% of invested capital).
Moreover, the maintenance, tenant management, account management and taxes are all taken care of by a management company, which usually charges about 6–8% of the lease income.
Commercial real estate in Switzerland is purchased using mortgage loans (which are also extended to foreign investors). The process is supported by the large number of banks prepared to grant mortgage loans, competition among these banks, which drives interest rates down, and favorable conditions on the real estate market, which means stable prices and a large selection of properties for investment.

If you need financing for your real estate purchase in Switzerland, we at MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG can introduce you to bankers and schedule meetings to discuss loan options. We can also schedule meetings with a notary public and provide full legal support for your commercial real estate transactions.

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