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“Saving is a fine thing. Especially when
your parents have done it for you.”
Winston Churchill (1874–1965)

Switzerland has a long tradition of financial and banking business. Swiss banking sector has established its world’s dominant position thanks to the country’s political, economic and financial stability, relatively low tax rates, business friendly regulation and Swiss bank secrecy.
Swiss franc today (though, as always) is the most stable currency in the world. International experts estimate that over the past 50 years, most world currencies have reduced their value by half in relation to Swiss franc.
Even under enormous pressure of the US Justice Department, Switzerland has retained its banking secrecy. All this makes Swiss banks the most attractive in Europe financial institutions for investment.

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Swiss bank secrecy
Banking secrecy is intended to prevent banks from revealing the existence of your account or disclosing information about it without your permission.
Bank secrecy covers all your business relations with the bank; it is not limited in time and concerns all people who, working for the bank, were in contact with your account.

Since tax evasion / avoidance is not considered to be a criminal offence in Switzerland, such information would not be disclosed in response to an enquiry from domestic or overseas tax authority.
Swiss banks offer their clients a wide scope of services
With the opening of Swiss bank account, the clients receive a guarantee of secrecy, service in major international languages, the possibility of receiving credit / debit cards in their private name or in the name of their companies. Swiss banks allows access to the corporate accounts by post, courier, telephone, or via the Internet. Secure Internet banking enables to check the bank account balances and transactions, initiate wire transfers and standing orders, etc.
We at MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG are able to assist our clients in opening accounts for private and corporate use in the first-class Swiss banks, with which we have long-standing relationships. While under the corporate accounts we mean both the accounts of newly established Swiss-based companies and accounts for foreign companies, owned by our clients.
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Once (and if) the clients of MB GROUP require financing of their real property (either it be residential or commercial property), we can arrange to set up a meeting with Swiss bank and introduce you to the bank officers, to discuss the terms and conditions of mortgage and prepare the required documents.

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