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“A wise man is the one who knows
not everything, just the necessary.”
Eskhil, Ancient Philosopher

Welcome to the MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG Resource Center, a host of sophisticated wealth management material including articles from a broad range of industry resources.
This section covers issues related to the management of businesses and family-owned capital, and the transfer of assets via inheritance. It also contains in-depth information about Family Office structures and the services they offer, such as asset protection and management of multi-generational wealth.
Resources such as articles, comments from professionals, summaries, and forecasts will help you navigate the subtleties of no-risk capital investment in Switzerland for the benefit of your Family.
This collection of valuable knowledge will be particularly useful for high-net-worth individuals, who are considering drawing up a long-term strategy for the ownership and management of their Family assets.

Swiss bank becomes first to offer bitcoin to its richest clients
A Swiss bank is now offering to buy bitcoins for its clients. Investors can ask their asset manager at Falcon Private Bank, a boutique investment firm headquartered in Zurich, to purchase and store bitcoin on their behalf – a first for conventional banks. Despite the cryptocurrency’s infamous volatility, this is another indication that is here to stay.
Initial Coin Offering (ICO) & Co. – A Swiss Law Perspective
Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Token Generating Events (TGEs) are perceived as an unregulated means of raising funds by issuing virtual coins or tokens (hereinafter: Tokens) intended to become a new cryptocurrency. Many start-ups consider ICOs or TGEs as an alternative to the expensive traditional capital-raising processes.
Billionaires And The Global Art Market
Uncovering billionaires’ motivations for spending up to nine figures on precious works of art.
The Top 10 Global Tax Havens For The Wealthy
An estimated US$21 trillion to US$32 trillion of private financial wealth is located, untaxed or lightly taxed, in tax havens around the world.
Private Island Homes:
The Ultimate Statement Property For Billionaires

There are currently over 1,000 private islands available for sale, and the market has experienced significant growth after the recession of 2008-2009.
Switzerland – A New Hub for the Chinese Renminbi?
Switzerland has recently taken a number of key measures to become a hub for the Chinese currency. This better aligns the Swiss financial sector with the longer-term trends in China, a market with a massive potential.
Gold Hits Lowest Level In Five Years –
What Financial Professionals Say

The yellow metal hit a record level four years ago – but has slid in value and is now at the lowest level in half a decade. What do wealth managers make of this and what should clients do?
Can The Euro Survive
Despite the cobbling together of a last-minute deal on Greece, the crisis has demonstrated how much the European project needs a new leap forward.
Corporate Tax Reform
The consultation materials of the Corporate Tax Reform (CTRIII) joint project organization, appointed by the Confederation and cantons, claim that Switzerland, although being a small country with an open economy, still actively demonstrates its tax advantages.
Ultimate Trust: Fiduciary Structures for Family Art Collections
The key issues facing sophisticated art collectors who seek to establish fiduciary structures – such as trusts and foundations – for the long-term protection and management of family art collections.
Keeping it in the Family
There are as many organizational variations of family offices as there are families, their respective needs, wants and preferences. Whatever form the organization assumes, it should be always able to draw its inspiration, identity and vitality from the family it serves. It is, after all, the family’s office.
The Unquenchable Thirst for Wine… As an Investment
Wine is no longer just an object of enjoyment – it is now a serious investment commodity. A correlation between wine and wealth creation shows that currently a quarter of high net wealth individuals own wine collections.
Conciliation with environmental associations allows
for attractive ski arena Andermatt-Sedrun

The agreement between Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG (ASS) and environmental associations allows for an environmentally compatible development of one of the most attractive ski areas in the Swiss Alps. The new ski arena Andermatt-Sedrun is snow-reliable and very sunny; it will offer many ski runs both for advanced skiers, families and pleasure skiers, and is easily accessible by private and public transport.
Will Africa’s Natural Resources Lead to Prosperity?
Following three decades of meager performance, African economic growth strengthened as of the 2000s, buoyed by rising prices of natural resources and exports. Whether this abundance of raw materials will turn out to be a blessing will, however, depend on more than global factors such as commodity prices and demand. Domestic conditions such as political stability, fiscal management and industrial policy are of equal, if not greater importance.
Private Equity in Africa – A Niche Strategy With Potential
Along with rapid economic growth, private equity activity in Africa has soared over the past decade and is most likely to be a fast-growing and profitable investment. But even though attractive returns can be achieved, such investment is only suitable for a selected group of investors.
Switzerland’s Seven Secrets for Success
In economic and political terms, Switzerland is doing better than almost any other nation in the world. What does it do better than others? What’s behind its competitive edge? And how can it stay on top?
Diamonds trump gold as investor’s best friend
Investors should be putting their money into diamonds, as the precious stones represent the best safe haven available right now, Philip Manduca, Chief Executive Officer at Titanium Capital Partners told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe.”
Vintage strategy tempts jaded investors
What exactly is there to invest in? Bonds are overpriced; equities are not cheap, while post-crisis regulations are prodding their biggest investors to sell them. There is a risk of true financial disaster, while the aggressively easy monetary policy of the Federal Reserve prompts fears of runaway inflation.
Millionaires form Family Offices to avoid private banks
Stephen Diggle, who co-founded a hedge fund that made $2.7 billion for investors in 2007 and 2008, set up a family office to manage the millions in fees he earned, instead of entrusting his wealth to private bankers.
Diamonds surpassing gold as investors’ key target
Over the past couple of years, diamonds have been steadily becoming sought-after ‘investing gems’ around the world, thanks to the stone’s spectacular performance.
Hot Rocks: China revs Diamond Market
Chinese demand has helped more than double the prices of rare diamonds over the past five years, according to an industry group, as Chinese investors look for places to park their growing wealth.
Family Office Business (“FOB”)
The governance of family business can be very complex due to the crucial role played by the family and the family dynamics that are often present.
Pure luxury – thanks to Empa technology: finest silk – purest gold
Tie, bow-tie and pocket handkerchief made of high-tech gold fabric. Plating: 24 carat pure gold.
Who should – and shouldn’t – run the Family Business
Family-owned companies run by outsiders appear to be better managed than other companies, a study finds, while family-owned companies run by eldest sons tend to be managed relatively poorly.
Sotheby’s yellow diamond to sell at record price
GENEVA, Nov. 9 – An exceptional yellow diamond will be on auction at Sotheby’s Geneva Sale next Tuesday with an estimated price of 11 to 15 million U.S. dollars, the highest ever of its kind, the auction house said on Wednesday.
Succession of Family Businesses – do values play a role?
By all objective standards, you have a successful family business. Income exceeds expenses, you and other executives receive generous compensation, you have a competent and loyal workforce and the business has a good reputation in the community.
Why is there 65% likelihood in the second generation and 90% likelihood in the third generation that this business will be sold or fail?
Diamond investment market to gain on Anglo American
buyout of Oppenheimer stake in De Beers

Anglo American Plc has agreed to buy the Oppenheimer family’s 40 percent stake in De Beers for $5.1 billion. This deal marks the end of the iconic century-old involvement of the Oppenheimer’s in the diamond industry and giving Anglo as much as an 85 percent stake in the world’s largest diamond company.
The Five Attributes of enduring Family Businesses
Family businesses are an often overlooked form of ownership. Yet they are all around us – from neighborhood mom-and-pop stores and the millions of small and mid-size companies that underpin many economies to household names such as BMW, Samsung, and Wal-Mart Stores.
Family Offices in Europe and the United States –
a different evolution with common objectives

Opposed to common belief, although the term “family office” originates from the US, the concept of generic “offices” or “gatekeepers”, “protectors of family wealth” etc. goes considerably further back, i.e. to the Crusades and the concept of the “trust”, but also to banking families in Europe (Medicis, Rothschilds).
Is a Family Office within reach?
Similar to successful companies, as families grow and prosper, they may find themselves needing more resources to manage their assets; they may need a family office. New options are making this support available for more families today.
The Family Enterprise evolution: addition of the
Family Office to complement the Family Business

Family offices continued to grow in popularity. Yet the high cost of operating a family office restricted its availability to the super rich. Today, the average cost of running a family office exceeds $3 million per year.
Keeping the Family in Business
In advanced economies, as well as in emerging markets, most companies start out as family-owned businesses. From their humble beginnings, driven by entrepreneurial vision and energy, some have grown to become major forces in their economies.
The Functions of a Family Office
Families today face the challenge of keeping family wealth in the family, while continuing the legacy of the wealth creator. Many families believe that their family wealth is more than just financial capital and includes the human and intellectual capital of the family too. People are the most important assets that a family possesses.

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